All the Terms You Need to Know to Use The CoC

  • Collab Assets - NFTs in the CoC that are used to build Full NFTs. For example, this can include beats to a song, a layer of a digital art piece, or 3D models for a scene.

  • Full NFTs - Complete works of art, built using the Artist's Studio

  • Main Stage - Profile Pages for artists used to display your work and grow your audience

  • Artist's Studio - The production platform to create different types of mediums with Collab Assets

  • Bazaar - The marketplace for artists to sell both Collab Assets and Full NFTs

  • Tribe - A group of people working on the same NFT project

  • Artist Dashboard - The control center for all your artistic activity in the Community of Collaborators

To learn about Web3, please see our educational materials on our website.

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