Our Mission and Goals

ARThenticCoC is excited to present the next stage in collaborative content creation. We’re making a platform that allows artists to create, build, and sell their work, called the Bazaar. We’re powered by web3 on the Ethereum Ecosystem, allowing our users to easily import and export their NFTs.

Mission: to create a shared marketplace for both complete and incomplete pieces of work to be bought, sold, or traded. By providing a platform for buying, selling, and trading both complete and incomplete works of art, artists would have more opportunities to share their ideas and build upon the work of others. This could lead to the development of unique and valuable digital assets that would not be possible without the ability to easily trade and collaborate. Additionally, the marketplace could provide a way for investors to discover and support up-and-coming artists, and to potentially see a return on their investment if the artist's work becomes more valuable over time.

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